How To Get Girls!

Simple and effective Steps on how to approach a girl

You are here because you need some advice on how to be less shy and quiet, and also need some tips on how to be more of a social person and how to start conversations without feeling shy.

You know what this is a very common problem with many men while dating. If you’re too busy trying to make them like you and showing them how caring you are they tend to lose interest. No matter what any lady says they don't like being the boss of the relationship all the time. The problem is that males find it hard to adjust to being around female company. They tend to tighten up and think more about what they shouldn't say rather than what they should. It's just a matter of really saying what you want, don't watch what you say cause that's usually what causes the "memory blank".90% of the time men are not shy they are just too worried about what to say and what not to say which results in immediate rejection.

Now there are two situations in front of you –

One is - she is your neighbor or you know her and you have no courage to say “ hello , I am ___ and I am your neighbor.”

And second is – you saw a girl somewhere and you just fell madly in love with her.

In both the cases you can approach the girl very easily just using the right technique at the right time and recognizing some of her body language and signs. Weather you are a shy guy or ugly or whatever, you can easily do that. Remember approaching a girl is not a rocket science. But if you will not use your pre-planned strategy, you can not make a single move. In that case it will be a rocket science. But DON’T MISUNDERSTAND ME. It’s not necessary that you will get a yes from that girl. Not even Brad Pitt gets a yes from every single girl…. So mentally prepare yourself by finding it ok even if you get a "no".

So we will focus on both the situations here and work on different steps. Most guys are terrified at the thought of approaching a hot girl. Why is that? Don’t you want a beautiful girlfriend? What is the worst thing that could come out? So think why does your brain shut down and you basically loose all verbal skills when dealing with a sexy girl? The basic idea here is to change the pedestal of your thinking. You will have to eradicate the myth from your mind that “girls are superior”. Just think from today that you are superior than anybody in this world. Trust me you will feel much better. Just read on to boost your confidence and you will see the change in your self.

Imagine the first situation – you saw a girl and you are dieing to meet her. What could be the best approach? Here are some steps -

The first Step – Go and talk to her

The main thing is to walk over say hello, ask her name, and DON’T immediately give her compliments because most women are used to this sort of approach and will just think your the same as every other guy. The first 2 minutes of meeting a girl are most important. In that moment she will decide whether she is going to talk to you or not.

Second step – Make eye contact

Now it’s the time for eye contact. Straight after the initial meeting gain eye contact, give a smile and then look away. Here don’t just loose the confidence. Make yourself comfortable.

Third Step – Take her number

Talk naturally. Don't worry about what you should or shouldn't say. Don't fall into the trap of feeling nervous around her. Approach with confidence; don't use cheesy pick-up lines, they rarely work. A simple "Hi, how are you tonight?" should break the ice. Or, if you're a teenager, a less formal "Hey, how's it going?" or "Hey, what's up?" will suffice. Being polite and friendly always helps. When you approach a girl throw the theory away that says you have to sit and talk to her for hours. It’s a big misconception that when you approach a girl you have to talk to her for a long time before you can get her number. Talk to her for just a few minutes and After talking to her, tell her you better get back to your friends now, turn back and walk away, then ask her "Do you have a phone number", if she responds with a yes, take out a pen to write it down or if you have a mobile phone enter her number into that. What you have done now has intrigued her and she is more likely to meet with you again. Don’t make the mistake of contacting her the next day, wait a day or two. It's not that you’re playing hard to get, you’re just not making the same error that every other man has made

Remember if you disagree, shake your head, give a cheeky grin and then say what you think. Even if you sort of agree with what she has to say just disagree sometimes anyway. Most women you talk to will probably not be used to a conversation not going all her way. Don't be scared to show off your confidence. For some reason men have an inner fear of doing this. Women find confidence more attractive than looks. Women are drawn to confidence and Confidence creates attraction. Attraction creates a sexual emotion.


Always try to smell the environment. If your comic genius is not being appreciated, then say, "It was great to meet you" and cut your losses. If you come on too strong, some women might feel threatened.

Now the second situation – You know a girl, say she is your friend or neighbor or class mate. And you are meeting her every night in your dreams and you realize that you are in love with her. We have all gone through the situation one or the other time where we have had a crush on a friend or even a best friend. But think on it twice because this type of situation may lead to massive disappointment for both of you. If she has never shown you any love signs then you might want to think again. Now whatever I told you will not work here. A totally different approach will work here. Here also success depends on how you handle the situation and work according to her body language. You will need the same weapons – Confidence, Sense of humor, creativity, presence of mind. But the implementation of these weapons are totally different. So lets start – you’d never talk to that girl till now about what you think (About your love). So it’s the time to do that. Let me give you a solid line. Use it preciously. You can write it in a piece of paper and give her or you can say this directly to her. But remember don’t over react. Act according to the lines. Don’t try to dominate the situation. Here is the line – “Dear, a Doubt and Guilt is killing me. Doubt is: Is there any sort of Love between us? And Guilt is: If it is true then it must have hurt you as it is hurting me. I don’t know weather its true or my misconception only. Tell me truth without worrying what I will feel. I have no intension of harming your peace of mind. I don’t want to make you my weakness when I know that you can be my strength. Either of your answer will only strengthen me. Boldly I have done this now its your turn. Tell me.” This solid line will definitely give you what you want. But before using this line make sure that you have made enough eye contact and you know that girl very well. If the girl didn’t impress with this line then I am sure that you are choosing the wrong girl. The most expected reaction of the girl would be “Yes”. Now your role is not over. Don’t immediately try to celebrate your success. Its half work done. Till now you have got yes because of your truthfulness and honesty. You will have to continue this for at least a weak.

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